Principle’s Welcome



Principal of EtonHouse Shanghai Diploma in Early Childhood Education; Senior teacher in Early Childhood Education; Principal Certificate of Kindergarten

Esther Fei has more than 26 years’ of experience in education, teaching children from nursery to kindergarten. She is passionate about early childhood education and experienced in guiding and training teachers. In her previous career, Esther has worked as a teacher, academic leader and was even nominated as a “popular teacher” in the district. She has received many awards and has been highly commended for her involvement in community activities and research projects, at the district, city and national levels.. Having been a principal for more than ten years, Esther also also won many school level awards. Esther is positive and innovative and is always exploring best practice and management strategies in education. She is an advocate of high quality education and strongly believes that in education is the cornerstone of life and society.

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